Collection: When’s Low Tide Candles

Our When’s Low Tide candle collection features hand-beachcombed containers with a hidden beach find (beach marble, bottle stopper, figural or jewelry quality sea glass) inside. Candles are hand-poured all natural soy made in small batches by Sweet Cider Candle Company in Maryland USA (students who started their own business during the pandemic) and depending on variety are topped with small/crushed seashells, fresh coconut or cinnamon, fresh lavender or pine and sea salt or other fresh ingredients.

Our fall/holiday collection includes Black Cherry Merlot, Lavender Vanilla, Apple Cranberry Spice, Sugar Cookie, Caramelized Praline, Sea Salt Orchid, Juniper Frost and Pumpkin Spice. New varieties to come in future batches! Check our Instagram page for latest news:





Like each of us, the candle containers are unique and not perfect, often cracked, chipped, missing handles, etc- they are in their shoreline-found conditions. Since they are fragile, we don’t recommend burning them for excessive amounts of time because they do become quite hot. Please use caution. (So many metaphors for people here!)

If you return your container after use to be refilled in the scent of your choice, we offer a 15% discount and the candle will contain a new beach find.


A portion of all sales benefits The Beachcombing Center, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving beachcombed finds from around the world and increasing awareness about marine debris and coastal erosion. Visit for more info.

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