When’s Low Tide?

Bringing a little bit of the beach to your home one low tide at a time.

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When's Low Tide?

When's Low Tide Candles

Have you seen our new line of When's Low Tide candles? Created in Maryland by Sweet Cider Candles, they're all-natural soy, come in a variety of fun, beachy scents, and are made in beach found vintage containers. Also, each one includes another beach find- either a beach glass stopper, beach marble or sea glass!

The Beachcombing Center

A portion of all When's Low Tide shop proceeds benefit The Beachcombing Center, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to preserve a global collection of beachcombed finds and to promote awareness of coastal erosion and marine debris. Visit thebeachcombingcenter.org (new website launching soon) to learn more about the mission and exciting future efforts of the organization.  

Just Keep Swimming!

New in the shop from Rachel at Driftwood Fish in England are these beautiful handmade fish made from beach finds! Each one has a name as unique as its design- stop by our Home Decor collection to adopt yours today!