BALANCE 7-layer Reiki-Infused Hidden Crystal Chakra Candle

BALANCE 7-layer Reiki-Infused Hidden Crystal Chakra Candle

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Our BALANCE 7-layer reiki infused hidden crystal chakra candle combines all seven of our chakra scents. We recommend extinguishing the flame between the chakra layers to experience each individual scent. There are healing meditations that can be found online associated with each healing chakra center in the body: 

When’s Low Tide Chakra Candle Scents 

DIVINE             White Neroli, Jasmine, Lavender 

IMAGINE         Vetiver, Sage, Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh

ASSERT            White Tea, Spearmint, Bergamot, Tomato Leaf 

LOVE               Ocean Rose, Sandalwood, Wildflower Honey

POWER          Lemongrass, Vetiver, Geranium

JOY                  Rosemary, Jasmine, Orange, Cedar, Eucalyptus

TRUST             Juniper, Cypress, Bergamot, Frankincense, Myrrh

Each candle is infused with a hidden crystal and topped with healing crystals as well. All hidden crystal chakra candles are reiki infused by chandler/reiki master Mary McCarthy. 

We recommend pausing burning the candle between each scent/chakra to meditate on the healing qualities of the scents that have been chosen to create balance with each of these healing centers in the body. There are chakra healing meditations on YouTube. Each chakra scent and crystal have been chosen to correspond with that healing center in the body. A chart is included with each candle that explains the chakras as they correspond to these areas.