What's New at When's Low Tide

It's always exciting to add new vendors to the shop. While our theme is of course the ocean and beach, we love to add elements of humor and whimsy in addition to vitamin sea. One thing all our vendors have in common is that they're women-owned small businesses.

We love the whimsical designs of Gianna Pergamo, an artist from Brooklyn now living in Florida, so we feature Pergamo Designs' cool cat and dog mermaid stickers and wooden magnets in the shop. 

Our When's Low Tide candles featuring beach finds hidden inside beach-found containers have been selling out like crazy, so we decided to add a new vendor of beachy candles we love, in time for holiday shopping.

Michelle started Surf's Up candle as a single mom in New Jersey and we love her candles as well as her fabulous bath products, so those are brand new in the shop this month and we hope you will treat yourself or pick up a gift!

We are also head over fins in love with the products of Seaside Designs. Rachel Townsend's Cape Cod company features beachy soaps that are perfect for bringing a taste of the sand and sea to your home. We just added room scent spray this month! Check out the bath and body section of our site to find her products. 

How many individual women vendors have products in our shop? Answer this question correctly (email marytmccarthy@gmail.com) and get a 15% coupon to the shop! We will feature more of our fantastic vendors in upcoming blog posts- stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading- and shopping!