What’s Hot at When’s Low Tide

We are so excited to welcome 2021 and some  exciting additions and changes. In addition to having many of our candles poured locally here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, we spent the holidays doing training and getting set up to begin pouring our own candles, beginning with our first batch in January 2021. Our next batch will include our first new scent of 2021, Rosemary Mint, with toppings that include fresh local Rosemary and mint. Stay tuned to our social media (www.Instagram.com/whenslowtide) for new scent releases coming soon! 

There have been topping upgrades and additions to all our candles, and all purchases now include a tea light candle for use with your empty beach-found container (use needle-nose pliers to remove that wick and its metal sticker tab after the candle is done burning).  

We are releasing new candles on #TeacupTuesdays and between batches will add candles to the “Surprise Me” section of our page so check back there if you’re looking for one on other days. Keep in mind our candles are all poured in beach-found containers and are limited edition (and all contain hidden beach finds) so we apologize if you have been trying to get one and are having a hard time. We appreciate your patience and are adding candles as soon as possible. 

We look forward to getting lit with you in 2021!