Vanessa Dudley Art Candles and Other News

It has been an honor to introduce art candles by New York artist Vanessa Dudley to our shop. Her detailed epoxy artwork on our beach-found containers has created an amazing combination and a treasured keepsake for beach enthusiasts. 

We sold a few of her candles at the holidays, and recently two dozen for our Valentine's batch. Vanessa is receiving a fresh batch of the hard-to-find larger size extra large beach-found container jars this week, and we look forward to featuring more of her gorgeous designs as soon as she has them available! It is so much fun to choose scent and toppings to match her work and we love working with her to create these unique one-of-a-kind treasures which she etches on the bottom in the glass with her signature. 

In other news, things have been busy here at When's Low Tide! We completed a renovation of the office and studio space for candlemaking needs, and are sampling new spring scents we will be premiering with our next sale. Check our Instagram page for latest news about scent releases. Following the recent releases of our Valentine's batches, we are taking a few weeks to regroup, reorganize and restock. We will be fulfilling the backlog of custom/refill orders that have piled up. We also welcomed Elaine, a lifelong Chesapeake Bay waterwoman who has worked the water here for over 50 years, to our team to help fulfill orders. Very grateful for her!

We have made some changes to our custom/refill policy. Please visit our FAQ page to see our policy update. We appreciate and are grateful for your patience and support as we move ahead and look forward to bringing joy and light to your life!