Subscription Candles & More News!

So much going on this Spring here at When's Low Tide! 

This week marks the launch of both our monthly subscription candle and our Mother's Day batch! We announced this week during a live feed on Instagram that we will now be offering a "candle of the month" beginning with May 1 shipping. Customers can simply choose to purchase our first subscription candle for May, Magnolia Peony in the beautiful recycled glass seafoam vessels from Spain we've chosen, and the automatic subscription will continue shipping on the first of the month until cancelled. All candles that ship of course include hidden beach finds and the special scent of the month; containers will vary from month to month and will be announced prior to shipping. Easy as that! 

We are excited about the Mother's Day batch because it features another fabulous handmade candle collection by the artist Vanessa Dudley! This time she has created some lovely mermaid mother themed containers to match the holiday, along with fairies, roses, angel mother/child themes and other lovely detailing. The Mother's Day batch premieres Tuesday April 20 at 7 pm EST on our website. Stay tuned for Vanessa's next batch coming at Halloween! We can't wait; in fact have been saving special candle vessels and finds to hide for the Halloween candles for months!

Let's not get a-head of ourselves! First we have a big move in front of us- May 1 we move into our new building- a beautiful historic bank building we have decided to name The Beach Bank, that will house both The Beachcombing Center museum and When's Low Tide retail shop and candle making studio. It will be a building dedicated to history, education and creativity- and we can't wait!

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