Meet Elaine

When’s Low Tide is a team. Over the next few blog posts we’d love for you to meet the team members who contribute to various aspects of making our team a success. 

Elaine Crow manages most aspects of our shipping operations at WLT. She is a lifelong waterwoman on Maryland’s Eastern Shore— laboring on many crab and oyster boats over many decades in an industry where the word “waterman” is used often but the word “waterwoman” should be used more often, as women like Elaine not only worked the water but raised families while they were doing it. Elaine is a mother of four and grandmother and great grandmother of many more here on Tilghman Island. Anyone on the island who knows her also knows she is a wildlife rescuer. 


She is also a lifelong beachcomber; her collection of shoreline finds (and also finds from oyster tonging) is incredible! We are so happy to be sharing the experience of opening The Beachcombing Center museum with her and are beyond grateful for her help in getting your candles safely to you! She is a fun, hilarious, hardworking person and we couldn’t run When’s Low Tide without her.