Giving Thanks

I haven't really been great about keeping up this blog. Since the last time we wrote, we have shipped many months of subscription candles, opened our (literal) brick and mortar retail location, had our first family wedding (oldest daughter of yours truly, chandler in chief Mary McCarthy), and I am getting ready to fly out to the Santa Cruz Sea Glass festival, just happy to be attending a show for the first time in so long.

It's the first day of November, and I am filled with gratitude. Thankful for the many wonderful customers who have kept this small business thriving on behalf of The Beachcombing Center and our common vision of keeping the museum open. The Beach Bank is a wonderful historic 1915 bank building on Tilghman Island Maryland that we are proud to call home. We hope you will get a chance to visit sometime!

We are especially grateful to our monthly candle subscribers. Those subscriptions literally keep the lights on at this museum building and without you we would not be here and able to educate the public about beachcombing, sharing our wonderful international collection. It's so much fun to see a child's eyes light up when you explain how fulgurite is what happens when lightning hits sand, or identify the special find of a new beachcomber who is so thrilled to share their passion with those of us in the community who "get it."

This month we sent out special coupons with the subscriptions to thank you for your support (special sale on bath and body products like our new custom soap pictured above, more great products arriving soon!) and we are hoping to keep up that tradition so check your packages each month! Keep in mind that giving the gift of a When's Low Tide candle, gift card or subscription to a friend is a fun and special gift!

Thanks again for all you do to keep the flame of beachcombing education alive by supporting my small business and the mission of The Beachcombing Center!